Thank You, Javier Sempere!

by Liselotte Roosen

The last few weeks have been very busy, in preparation for the opening of the exhibition for Pollution Pods. Specifically, we have been struggling with how to recreate the smells for the different cities in order to get the most realistic representation of the experience of pollution around the world, without exposing people to harmful toxins.

While doing research I came across Javier Sempere on Quora where he answered questions about the creation of smells. He is a scent expert based in Madrid, Spain. I contacted him and he answered all my questions in detail about the different methods with which the smells can be created, and gave me valuable advice on how we could do some experiments ourselves for the creation of the smells. From this moment on it was clear to me that we needed to hire a smell expert for this project to make the exhibition truly unforgettable.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and possible issues with shipping and importing the final products into Norway (which is always very complicated) we had to opt for a scent expert who was based closer to Trondheim, because the final product would have to be picked up in person and transported back overland.

Nevertheless, Javier helped me to get started on the right idea to solve our issues with the creation of the olfactory experience for Pollution Pods and pointed me in the right direction. And for that I would like to say thank you!

Javier Sempere - Pressentia